Tour Dates and Events


2/10 Bossy Grrl’s N. High St. Columbus, OH 9:30p
2/20 Dockweiler Beach, CA
3/05 Kids Fest 2016 Marion, OH 2p
3/30 Bossy Grrl’s N. High St. Columbus, OH 9:30p
4/22 WQTT 1270AM Co-host 3-6p
4/29 BOSSWOODSTOCK Scarlet & Grey Cafe 7p
5/15 Dilingers Bucyrus, OH Sold Out 12p & 4p
6/26 Comfest Solar Stage, 2p
7/08 Bokes Creek Winery Raymond, OH 6:30p


June 13th Historic Garden Theater N. High St.
July 1st Bossy Grrl’s N. High St. Columbus, OH
July 19th Pittsburgh, PA
Aug. 4th WQTT AM “Local Lix” Interview Taping
Aug. 20th WUDG Underground Columbus Radio 6-9p
Aug. 28th WTTE FOX 28 Good Day Columbus, OH
Aug. 28th Obetz Zucchini Festival 6-9p
Aug. 30th NUA Radio Show in the UK, syndicated radio
Aug. 30th Miller’s Ale House 4p
Sept. 3rd MAD 106.8 FM Auckland, New Zealand Radio
Sept. 26th Nashville, TN
Nov. 16th Add Ohio Noon
Nov. 25th Fire Fly Play Cafe 6:30p
Nov. 25th WQTT 1270AM (Live) 3:00p
Nov. 27th What The Rock Noon
Nov. 30th Marysville Christmas Walk 5:00p